K-Base is the marketplace of Kollector http://kollector.art/

The Kollector is Michael M. lawyer, NFTs collector and great art lover.

He owns one of the largest (maybe the largest) NFT collection in the system. Michael owns almost 3.000 NFTs and he keeps buying artworks, so his collection is growing day after day.

Being in this world since the very beginning, Michael became also a great artists supporter. Most artists in the NFT space know Kollector, sold him some artworks and received moral and material support from him many times.

After collecting thousands of artworks, Kollector decided to make his own token, KLTR http://kollector.art/whitepaper.pdf , to create an economy for helping the artists and the NFT world.

KLTR became immediately accepted by the artists as a means of payment of their artworks. Many artists decided to list their artworks in KLTR and KLTR become very popular. Mybae.io and Opensea.io accepted the new token and the KLTR community become larger and larger.

In order to allow the artists to have a recurring income from their art, Kollector established farming facilities for his token. With those two farms the artists can generate KLTR from their staking and adding liquidity and can benefit from a recurring income.

The KLTR economy cycle was almost complete: artists can sell their artworks in KLTR, farm KLTR in Unicrypt and harvest more KLTR that can be used for all the purposes of the artists, from buying artworks in the community, to using them for ordinary expenses.

Only one thing was missing to make the KLTR economic cycle complete: K-Base the marketplace of Kollector.

K-Base was built following the philosophy of his founder: freedom for the real artists to be able of creating their art, and no costs for them.

Helping artists, talking to them, living his life with them allowed Kollector to understand what was important for the artists.

Artists need a marketplace that is simple and easy to use, where artists can upload their art without paying any fee.

K-Base it is intended to be the ultimate solution for the NFT artworks, the place where Artists and Collectors can meet to enjoy their common passion for art.