After selling almost 100 beautiful artworks, K-Base is now launching ArtStars ($ARTIST) and “The Great Vault”.

The Great Vault is an Art fund that will collect the most beautiful artworks selected by the $ARTIST community.

Democracy will be true thanks to an automatic blockchain voting process completely regulated by the Smart Contract.

$ARTIST will support the world of art in a fully decentralized manner and will be backed by the artworks stored in The Great Vault.

K-Base will be the technological platform that will make this happen.

Thanks to its deflationary mechanism, $ARTIST will automatically increase its value and will allow its community to have an increasing benefit.

Let the $ARTIST community choose what is worth of being in The Great Vault. 

Now the power is really to the artists! 

Token info


People that will hold in their wallet at least 500 $KLTR ETH after the listing, will receive 5x $ARTIST.

How is this working?

  1. Airdrop to the $KLTR Holders: 5 $ARTIST per 1 $KLTR
  2. Listing: Fair Launch July 13th 7.00 PM UTC 2021


  1. September 2021 Creation of voting and selecting ability on K-Base via smart contract for democratization and transparency of the process
  2. September 2021 Creation of The Great Vault of K-Base, the Art Fund where all the NFTs will be stored

How will it work

  1. K-Base will ask to the world of digital artists to list their artworks in K-Base marketplace
  2. Every 2 weeks, 9 artworks chosen among the artworks on K-Base will be offered on K-Base for a vote in the $ARTIST community
  3. The Great Vault of K-Base will buy the artworks selected by the community

Rules of the selection

In a new section of K-Base, $ARTIST holders will vote connecting their wallet to one of the 9 artworks. They can vote if they have in the wallet at least 2.000 $ARTIST. One token = one vote

The voting procedure will last one day. The section will show the ranking. The winning artwork will be purchased by The Great Vault


  1. 200.000.000 $ARTIST total supply
  2. Airdrop 25.000.000 $ARTIST to $KLTR holders 
  3. There is no developers wallet
  4. 7.600.000 $ARTIST for marketing and listing on exchanges
  5. Remaining 167.400.000 $ARTIST tokens will be listed on Pancakeswap